We help websites succeed by focusing on the first 3 seconds of the user experience.


How much does a landing page cost? ⌄

Our landing pages typically cost between $300 and $800, depending on the needs of each client. Their very fast loading speed solves the audience abandonment problem, which is common with Word Press and other platform-based websites. This means virtually 100% of the people who click on your ads will see your message. By eliminating lost clicks your new landing page will pay for itself in days, not weeks or months.

Other than speed, how are your landing pages different? ⌄

Our unique landing page approach allows you to designate any part of your message as mobile only, desktop only or both. This allows you to present a message optimized for the viewing device being used and the mindset of the viewer.

How does Google compile their page-loading audience statistics? ⌄

Google receives 63,000 search requests per second or 5.6 billion searches per day. This provides Google with incredible insight into human behavior on the Internet.

Their findings are compiled and shared with web developers. We actively participate in the Google Webmaster network, so our clients are kept current with both technical developments and user behavior.

My site seems fast. Can I test it myself? ⌄

The short answer is no

Because you have most likely visited your website before, your computer or mobile phone has cached (stored) various elements of your web pages in its memory. This makes them ready to instantly display the next time you visit the page.

This memory feature, designed for user convenience, will give you a false sense of your real page speed.

Google’s test is the best way to discover what people will experience when they respond to your ads. Their judgment of your offer begins the instant they click.

What’s the best content for a landing page? ⌄

The sole purpose of a landing page is to create new customers. It presents content that motivates your visitors to respond to your call to action. This is quite different from general company information provided on most websites.

So, the best landing page content is a sales-oriented process, beginning with an intriguing headline, moving through follow-on copy and concluding with your visitors taking action.

Our advice is to always answer this universal audience question, which is, “What’s in this for me?”

Do you provide a service to create or edit content for landing pages? ⌄

Yes, we do. Here are the relevant content items related to the overall success of a landing page. We can help you with any or all of them…

  • Selecting the best one or two keywords
  • Drafting title and description tags (embedded in the page’s code)
  • Help with creating a supporting URL for your landing page
  • Reducing the file size of any images (speeds loading time)
  • Installing alt-text for each image
  • Helping you determine your audience’s hot button issue(s)
  • Creating your headline and body copy that addresses that issue
  • Helping you decide on your call to action

See a video demonstration of loading speed generated by WebPageTest.org. ⌄

Delivering a fast landing page is only half the challenge. ⌄

  • Is your message focused solely on the story started in your Google ad?
  • Is there a clear, very simple, call to action presented?
  • If everything goes right and the visitor takes your "call to action" your ad was a good investment, but statistics tell us that 96% of the Google Ad clicks fail to do their job.
  • At Alpha Group Software we can help you beat the odds and make your Google Ad campaign earn it's keep.

Let Google evaluate your current website / landing page for speed and overall quality.

Google will display a 0-100 score in a couple of minutes. In addition to the Google results you will receive an email from us with suggestions.

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